...enjoy your stay and check back soon. (Oct 30)

We are happy to announce the new design for Martin Studio! (Oct 30)

The Martin Family's Web Site

Martin Studio is a web site built by Anthony Martin. It is a place to see what's happening and what happy memories are being discussed.

There are pictures and message boards as well as links to other sites that the Martin Family frequents.

Please look at the books section. There, you'll find reviews by us and related reviews by others. This is done using Amazon Web Services interface, and which we are very proud of. Hopefully our book reviews will grow as we continue to read our favorite topics, but that's a function of the mount of time we can devote, since being parents, time is at a premium.

So What's This All About?

We thought we'd share our online experience with you. This is place for us to be creative and relax. Anthony has written a few stories, and hopefully that will continue if all goes well. There are also (not yet, eventually) favorite teachings from pastors and other Christian spiritual leaders in the teachings section. Be sure to check those out. There's a lot of practical wisdom to benefit from.

Web Technologies

On a technical note, this site is served by a service provider named Apvio. They do a top rate job of keeping their servers up, and we highly recommend them.

We're using a programming language called Ruby and a web framework called Rails (aka Ruby on Rails). Ruby is quite a bit different from the language Anthony has been using (Java), and if you'd like to take a crack at it, try this great tutorial.

A number of the new web tricks have been gratuitously used on this site. These new web tricks are collectively called Web 2.0, but that's really just slang. Anyway, so much for technical stuff.